Frequently Asked Questions

I need a hub cap, cup holder, pig tail, body clip, or bolt ….. can you pull it for me?

We have a minimum charge of $50 for anything we pull from the yard. Most of these types of parts we sell for $5 – $10 or less if pulled yourself.

Do you sell snow machine/mobile, ATV, Tractor, or boat parts?

We specialize in late model standard passenger vehicles of all models. We don’t sell boat, ATV, tractor or snow machine/mobile parts.

Do you buy or trade for parts?

Sorry, due to theft issues we don’t barter, trade or purchase individual parts.

Do you install automotive parts?

We are an auto part supplier. We don’t do installations on the basis of non-competition with our customers. 70% of our business is wholesale.

Can I return a part after purchase?

Yes you can return an undamaged part hassle free with a copy of your receipt for up to 101 days. The part must be in the same condition as sold.

How much do tires sell for?

14” & 15” inch tires sell for $25 per tire, 16” sell for $30, 17” sell for $40, 18” sell for $50, and 20” sell for $60. Pairs are priced by size and condition.

How much do12 volt automotive batteries sell for?

We sell automotive batteries for $40. This is a non-interchange item so please come down to compare with your battery.

Do you buy cars & trucks?

Yes we buy all makes and models of automotive vehicles. Please “click here” to fill out the vehicle salvage bid form or call our salvage buyer at 907-929-7419.

Do you sell service parts such as catalytic converters, belts, oil, pads, or spark plugs?

o Service and tune up parts are best bought new. We currently don’t stock or sell service parts. NAPA, Dealerships, Auto Zone or Oreilly’s carry a full supply.